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Digitalizing Waste Management in Jordan: A Collaborative Effort for a Sustainable Future

Amman, Jordan — November 26, 2023

In an important initiative, Jordan is transforming its waste management measures through a united effort led by key political partners—the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv), The Ministry for Local Administration (MoLA), and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM). Co-financed by the European Union and on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Solid Waste Management in Jordan Project (“SoWas) is supporting Jordan in the aim towards a circular economy, ensuring both environmental resilience and economic prosperity.

In a High-Level Kick-Off Event, which took place on November 26, 2023, served as the launchpad for a comprehensive strategy spanning October 2023 – September 2026. During this event, the EU Co-financed joint action shared plans for the expansion of the "National Monitoring Information System for Waste" and the development of a "National Hazardous Waste Management Plan."

Dr. Mohammad Kshashneh, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, officially launched the joint action and high-level kick-off event by emphasizing the significance of these collaborative projects in shaping a more sustainable future for waste management in Jordan. He highlighted that this initiative is a step forward towards better environmental protection.

Mr. Pierre Christoph Chtazisavas, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom, warmly welcomed all the participants and commended the strong commitment shown by the Jordanian government. He expressed his high expectations for the positive outcomes of the project.

The representative from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany underscored the longstanding and excellent relationship between Jordan and Germany. He noted that this project, along with various others, aims to provide support to a partner country. He further expressed his enthusiasm for new initiatives that aim to benefit the Jordanian population.


H.E. Secretary General of Ministry of Local Administration Eng. Hussein Mhaidat, H.E. Secretary General of Ministry of Environment Dr. Mohammad Kshashneh, H.E. Eng. Ahmad Almalkawi, as well as H.E. the Ambassador of the European Union to Jordan Mr. Pierre Christoph Chtazisavas and Mr. Marius Rauh, Head of Cooperation of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, were among the invitees who contributed to the advancement of sustainable waste management practices in Jordan.

The GIZ, along with the Ministry of Environment, presented the sustainability strategy and the intended results and impact through the National Monitoring System for Waste and the Hazardous Waste Management Plan.

The panel discussion on the future of Waste Management in Jordan, aiming towards more digital, data-based, and integrated solutions, was a highlight of the event. The Excellencies Secretary Generals of the Ministry of Environment and Ministry for Local Administration, along with the H.E. City Manager of Amman, engaged in discussions with the audience.

The GIZ is responsible for implementing this important project, which spans from October 2023 to September 2026. It involves connecting landfills, sorting stations, and transfer stations to a real-time monitoring system, as well as developing a hazardous waste management plan for Jordan. The expansion of the NMISW system and the elaboration of a hazardous waste management plan are part of the Solid Waste Management Project (SoWas) funded jointly by the EU and BMZ.

The SoWas project supports the Ministry of Local Administration, the Greater Amman Municipality, and the Ministry of Environment in establishing a culture of circular economy in Jordan.

A highlight of the kick-off event was a panel discussion featuring Secretary Generals and the City Manager of GAM, facilitating an interactive session for positive discussions and exploring questions.

The GIZ expressed gratitude for the trust placed in the project's implementation. The significance of everyone's efforts in realizing the objectives outlined in the project's roadmap was emphasized. Confidence in the positive impact of the National Monitoring Information System for Waste and the Hazardous Waste Management Plan on advancing sustainable waste management practices in Jordan was demonstrated during the event. Continued support and active participation from all stakeholders are crucial for the success of this transformative initiative.

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